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Closed loop boreholes - knowledge, tools and best practice

Energy systems based on closed loop boreholes -  development of tools and best practice  

Heat pump systems based on closed loop boreholes, is a technology with potential for CO2 reductions and energy efficiency, but the application in Denmark is limited compared to our neighbour countries. There is a lack of knowledge and experience and the project objective is to pave the way for a wider use by providing knowledge, tools and best practice for planning and designing installations. The main elements of the project are:  

  • Collection and analyses of existing information and experience and identification of key parameters for planning, designing and installing heat pump systems based on closed loop boreholes
  • A comprehensive mapping and measuring program of surface temperatures, temperature gradients and thermal properties of different soil types and materials
  • Optimization of system design with respect to environment and economy based on actual installations and test sites, including drilling and completion of boreholes, system control, analysis of energy balance, energy storage (heating and cooling) and modelling of heat and fluid flow
  • Construction of a database with results of information gathering, measuring programme and mapping efforts
  • Dissemination activities including user interface for database, course material for training and education, workshops and seminars, technical guidelines and recommendations for legal framework   
Detailed Procejt description

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